Features of Indoor Jump Houses for Family Fun

Indoor Jump Houses have become a family attraction for parents and children as they offer varied fun activities that amuse and are considerate of everyone in the family unit. Children also have fun hopping in the jump houses as it gives them a soft landing and bounce. Interestingly, jump houses provide an environment for active play and exercise. The indoor jump houses for your family is a great way of having fun as a family. However, to make them usable, they have varying features that allow for perfect play such as;

Bouncing floor

bbvvbgffgfgfThe bouncing floor is the main play area within the jump house. It is placed centrally and occurs in different sizes. It is mostly positioned high to allow for kids to bounce high without hitting the high ceiling. The best inflatable indoor jump house’ bouncing floors are made of PVC Tarpaulin and oxford cloth. The material is well tucked and stitched in double, triple or quadruple threads to ensure their durability. Moreover, most jump houses are made of balanced weaves that make the inflatable bouncer strong and avoid unnecessary ripping or breakage.


Tunnels in a jump house occur along the periphery. The tunnels are narrow and small and allow children to crawl through them. This is an interesting feature especially for children who are not old enough to enjoy the bounce.


Most children love slides no doubt about that. A bouncy slide is also a popular attraction in a jump house and allows children to play inside and outside the jump house. This also reduces the number of children on the bouncing floor at the same time which protects it from breakage.

Climbing walls and basketball loops

This is an additional feature in most indoor inflatable bouncers. It allows children to climb and jump into the bouncing floor for more fun and enjoyment. These climbing walls provide extra exercise and are fun to the children. Importantly, they are safe for children to climb by themselves. Interestingly, some jump houses have basketball loops that allow children to jump and dunk the ball into the loop for fun.


Some inflatable bouncers or indoor jump houses have obstacles courses that keep the children engages as they give a challenge to the children keeping them occupied for hours on end. These are nice additions as they trigger the children’s problem-solving abilities and enhance their creativity levels.

Water features

nbbnbnbnbnSome jump houses are customized for hot summertime fun. These inflatable bouncers are connected to water hoses that pump and sprinkle water into the bouncing area allowing children to splash and play. It is also possible to accessorize the jump houses with toys such as water sprinklers or water sprayers.