Finding the best dog clippers

Dogs have fur as people have hair. This explains why several professional groomers and pet owners look for the best dog hair clippers they can afford. This is because if your dog has excess fur, then your pet may spend entire summer being uncomfortable. Fortunately, having professional clippers gives you an opportunity to trim the fur of your dog. In this way, you can ensure your dog remains comfortable without fur getting in the way.

Just like human beings, dogs also deserve to look great. However, other than the looks, they also deserve to be comfortable and feel good. This buying guide will help you choose the best dog clippers. The following are some of the things to look for:

Motor’s speed and power

Dog clippers can cut through matted and coarse coats. However, they need to do so smoothly lest they harm your dog. If they cannot clip the dense dog coats, then they are not powerful. You need to look at the RPM when buying a pair of clippers. Usually, professional clippers deliver a lot of RPM and power. You also need to remember that high rotary speed generates a lot of noise and vibrations. Therefore, you need a clipper with the right balance between speed and power versus heat, vibrations, and clipper 52r5

Noise, heat, and vibrations

Remember that dog clippers are powered by a motor which is rotating to move blades. This is necessary to ensure a smooth cut. A lot of pet owners believe that more powerful motor is better. Unfortunately, that is not always the case. Powerful clippers can cut through any dog’s coat, but this comes with some drawbacks:

  • Blade will heat up easily
  • Vibrations can increase
  • Noise level is inconvenient for certain dogs

It is advisable to purchase hair clippers that are adapted to the dog’s coat. It should cut smoothly and maintain a quiet and cool operation for long. It should also run at a low speed and with less vibration.

Weight and size of clippers

Other useful things to take into account include the weight and size of the clippers. This is because they do make a huge difference. The majority of modern clippers are made to be ergonomic, allowing you to enjoy grooming for extended durations. Having a compact and lighter dog clipper means that maneuvering becomes a lot easy and for long durations. In fact, you can avoid wrist fatigue with lightweight dog clippers.

Tips on grooming your dog

Dog grooming is something that most people tend to ignore. Once in a while, it is important to spoil your dog by doing some grooming. You can decide to do the dog grooming at home, or you can decide to take your dog to a dog salon. In the modern day, we have dog salons that are equipped with everything needed to groom your dog. At dog salon, you dog will be shampooed, the hair will be brushed, and at the end of the day, your dog will be looking clean and polished. Dog grooming doesn’t have to be a daily affair; you can always do it weekly or monthly.

Grooming your dog

Always start by brushing

The first step when grooming your dog should be brushing. When brushing, make sure that you use a mild brush that will not harm the skin of your dog. Brushing before shampooing is a good way to detangle the hairs and to make the process of cleaning easy. The best thing with brushing is the fact that it doesn’t pull the hairs out which can be very uncomfortable for the dog.


Use a mild shampoo

When cleaning your dog, it is important to use a mild shampoo. Always use a shampoo that will not harm your dog. The best thing with shampoo is the cleaning qualities. You can always visit your dog store and get a variety of the dog shampoos that are available for you. A good shampoo should be able to clean your dog properly without damaging the hairs.

Lukewarm water and bathmat

It is advisable to use lukewarm water when cleaning your dog. Lukewarm water will clean the hairs of your dog without making the dog feel cold. A bathmat is also important when using a bathtub to protect your dog from slipping when cleaning.

Protect the nose, ears, and eyes

When cleaning your dog, be mindful of the nose, ears, and eyes. The purpose of this is to avoid your dog from being irritated by the shampoo during the process of cleaning your dog. Just like you protect your nose, ears, and eyes, it is important to protect your dog as well.


Rinse the shampoo

Once you finish cleaning your dog, it is important to rinse off the shampoo well. Rinsing the shampoo will help you give your dog a fresh look and feel.

Top Interactive Cat Toys

It is true cats are very picky. This explains why they do not give attention to any toy. For instance, you may bring home a nip-stiffed mouse only for your cat to avoid it. The cat can sniff the toy and just leave it. Fortunately, there are interactive kitty toys which trigger your cat to play with for many hours. These are not toys that you have to be around for the cat to play with. There are also others that you can play you and your pet together.

Top cat toys

Kitten Mitten

This is simply a glove, which you can wear with extra long fingers and balls on ends of fingers. You can think how dangerous and painful it can be playing with your cat or kitten, which has not been declawed. This toy helps you to play with the cat without injuries arising. The balls are the source of amusement for your kitten and the gloves protect your hands.t23gefv6uy23e8di292

Catfisher Rod N Reel

The Catfisher Rod N Reel toy is a cat-sized rod and a reel with small fish fixed at the end. You can cast the reel in the normal way you do and then reel it in. Any won’t resist this.

Laser light

This is another favorite cat toy currently on the market. You sit somewhere and then shine the light on a wall or the floor, and the cat will try to catch it. This gives you a never-ending fun for both of you. It is a simple gadget, which gives you several hours of entertainment. Moreover, there is nothing much you are going to do. If you are tired because of a lot of work, you can still play with the cat and offer it some exercise without leaving your seat.tg23edf6h3werf7u2

Da Bird

This is another top interactive cat toy. It is a gadget, which looks like a bird as it had feathers and attached to a string. You need to wave it and then watch as your cat tries to catch the bird in flight. According to several reviews posted online, this is the toy your cat is looking forward to playing with.

WARE Flying Fun Interactive Cat Toy

This is another amazing cat toy on the market. It is a jar that contains flying butterflies that you can control using a remote. These butterflies will fly around inside the jar as your cat watches them.